APPA Physics - Atomic, Plasma Physics and Applications

APPA is an umbrella for several collaborations working on Atomic Physics, Plasma and Applied sciences. Common for all collaborations is that they share installations and experimental techniques, despite quite diverse research fields.

The following collaborations are organized within APPA:

  • BIOMAT - Biology and Material Science 
  • FLAIR - Facility for Low-Energy Antiproton and Heavy Ion Research
  • HEDgeHOB - High Energy Density Matter generated by Heavy Ion Beams
  • SPARC - Stored Particles Atomic Research Collaboration
  • WDM - Warm Dense Matter

Scientific and development programms within APPA:

  • APPA R&D (BMBF-Verbundforschung for period 2015-2018)

APPA is a part of the Helmholtz-programme "From Matter to Materials and Life".

Overview of APPA experimental areas at FAIR


CRYRING@ESR is an international project and the first new installation of the upcoming FAIR accelerator complex. The ring offers excellent opportunities for research in many active research fields and is highly significant...



On December 7-8th, 2016 the Scientific Coordination Workshop on Non-ideal Plasma Physics will be held at Moscow.


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